Carola Eichstaedt

Carola Eichstaedt has taken her personal experience of settling in Eindhoven as a starting point for her research into the value of the city. When she first moved here, Eichstaedt found it hard to cope with the lay-out and look of her new hometown. With its endless blocks of identical houses and stark contrast between empty spaces and architectural overstimulation, it seemed to lack any comfort. Living conditions here are dominated by architectural constraints: residential streets and districts look the same everywhere you move. Residents try to compensate by adding personal objects around their homes such as potted plants, decorative fences, and awnings. Eichstaedt dubs these elements ‘urban prostheses’. But paradoxically, while these elements bring personal comfort, their impact on the general atmosphere is such that collectively, they cause further ‘urban discomfort’. By charting these urban prostheses Eichstaedt offers an inquisitive alternative introduction to Eindhoven.

Graduation project, 2016