Daukantė Subačiūtė

A collectable could be any object of value or interest to a collector. Apart from antiques or curios, there are also manufactured collectables: action figures, cards or gadgets that are specifically made for people to collect. Daukanté Subaciuté shows how marketeers step in, persuading us to buy things that we don’t need. She made three confronting animations with her own drawings. They ridicule the television infomercials that create problems you never knew you had and then suggest a solution. The first film shows how commerce had us waiting for the next must-have of the moment. A set of stickers, presenting a worthless item from 2012 as a limited edition from 2016, shows the irony of it all. The second is about the joy of filling gaps. Ever bought a specially designed display case that comes with the irresistible urge to fill it? A gap filler might offer some relief. And the last shows the competition that comes with collecting – the more the merrier, they say. But beware: it might be just another marketing trick.

Graduation project, 2016
credit foto: Nicole Marnati