Daukante Subaciute

In a series of galleries this travelling exhibition deals with war-related fears. The paintings gallery contains two control panels that each correspond to one painting. When visitors press the buttons the sounds of guns will only be heard in another gallery. There is also a corridor in which visitors are forced to line up, like people waiting to get into a grocery store in war times. A narrow door and food coupons being handed out limit the number of people who can enter at once. The experience is not meant for a big crowd. 

There is an outside passage where visitors hear the gunfire controlled by other visitors in the paintings gallery. A security lady hands out David’s stars randomly, to be worn by those who are selected. The fear of gas attacks is triggered when ‘technical malfunctions’ seem to happen in the museum. The gallery has display cabinets, but they are all empty. 

Parents, whose sons went off to war, always had to fear the worst when official mail was delivered to their homes. There is a corridor with door and a fake window through which one can see a car slowly approaching the house. On the corridor floor lies a contemporary looking envelope. He who picks it up and brings it to the “Lost and Found” section of the museum, will see a motherly looking woman surrounded by a pile of death notice letters.

Assignment  Exhibition design for a war-related theme
Tutor  Frans Bevers
First year project, 2015