Greta Castellana

After researching the communication flow and exchange of information between breast cancer patients and health care professionals, Greta Castellana found there was a need for a more personalised and step-by-step approach. Many patients are overwhelmed by the amount of information they need to digest. The information they are given is not tailored to their specific needs, values or behaviour. To tackle the discrepancy and empower the patient, Castellana developed AidA, an app that serves a double purpose. Firstly, the app offers the patient the relevant information if and when she needs it, and secondly, it collects personal data in a journal-type format, which helps with formulating questions and allows her to communicate her experiences to the hospital in a structured way. This then informs doctors and nurses on the next step in providing information to the individual patient. AidA balances the relationship and offers an intimate approach to an intimate situation.


Graduation project, 2016