Lorenzo Gerbi


This book examines the Google Book Search Settlement Agreement, an agreement between the Authors Guild, the Association of American Publishers and Google in settlement of Authors Guild et al. v. Google, a class action lawsuit alleging copyright infringement. It highlights the dark side of what seems an admirable effort to make knowledge more available, but actually hides an attempt to have the monopoly of its economic exploitation.

It’s a book about a book, a book that physically contains a written work which constitutes the basis of the analysis: the red layer contains annotation, personal considerations, and extras to better understand the topic. It also helps the navigation of the inner book, selecting the most important texts, highlighting the additions made over time, and visualising the paragraph structure and their contents. The three sides of the book (binding excluded) are a visual map, showing the density of information and the location of each addition to the original text.

Assignment  The Future of the Book
Tutor  Simon Davies
First year project, 2013