Marta Sierra Garcia

As a result of the financial crisis many young, highly educated Spaniards left their country to build a career elsewhere. This wave of emigration represents a valuable loss of human capital, which is indispensable for the further development of Spain. At the same time, most emigrants feel they have been forced to leave and would like the situation to improve in order to return. ‘Comunes’ is a virtual and physical platform that opens up communication between these ‘exiles’ and their hometown neighbours, creating a system of mutual aid. With this tool, Marta Sierra Garcia sparks the desire of expatriates to participate in social change. By logging on, Pedro, a 31-yearold doctor in London, can help retired Remedios in Madrid with her high blood pressure pills. And 10-year-old Teo can help Laura, a New-York based architect, with a birthday surprise for her boyfriend in Madrid. By crossing borders, this communal system brings benefits for all.

Graduation project, 2015