Siân Williams

What A digital timeline that exposes the language used by the mainstream media to marginalise people, inducing social segregation.

Why Upon closer examination, the supposedly neutral language of reporting turns out to be anything but neutral. Indeed, the words chosen to discuss two urgent topics on the international agenda create the sense that climate change is a fabrication and migration a threat.

How The language used in the top seven British newspapers (tabloid, broadsheet and Berliner formats) was studied over a decade and presented as a digital timeline. It reveals the inequalities that go unnoticed in the daily news rhetoric, fuelling the impression among readers of being ‘inundated’ by an uncontrollable ‘tsunami’ of migrants. Water and weather are the metaphors of choice for the journalist.

Quote “Metaphorical language shaping migration as a flood, inundating the country.”

Graduation project, 2018

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