Sooji Lee

In the increasingly high-tech society we live in, with its massproduced identical commodities, Soo Ji Lee wanted to study the value of human originality. She found it in craftsmanship, which she believes originates in our continuous striving for perfection, even though we know we are imperfect. Lee presents this craftsmanship through a manual reproduction of the Bodoni typeface. Intended for mass reproduction, typeface lettering is all around us. But even though she has put in incredible amounts of time and effort trying to recreate the perfect Bodoni lower case ‘a’, the pressure and speed of Lee’s hand are still not consistent enough to flawlessly execute the 73 steps it takes for each ‘a’. A machine cannot help but deliver perfect copies; it could never mimic this variety of unintentional imperfections. This spirit of tenacity and the resulting originality is what Lee believes gives us our added value as humans, and ‘Craftsmanship’ is her celebration of the beauty of human imperfection.

Graduation project, 2016
Gijs Bakker Award Nominee