Sooji Lee

Literally our calendar is nothing more than a stack of 365 flat sheets of paper. But actually it is the container for life during one year: a collection of experiences, expectations, disappointments and moments of joy. Those things are immaterial. To me the accumulation of time (and experience) had to become the object. I decided to see a calendar as a square mass, made out of time.

Normally we would flip through the calendar to see inside. But when the calendar becomes a solid object, we need to slice it to look inside. So I sliced it to pull all information out. On the top surface, you can see equally sliced 365 days. The right side of surface reveals the months (hollowed small squares), weekdays (small prominent squares) and also school classes (thin black blank lines). The front surface displays school schedules and vacations.

Assignment  Calendar
Tutor  Simon Davies
First year project, 2015