Source presents a series of lectures by professionals from the fields of design, art and journalism. Their presentations focus on urgent socio-political themes in relation to the design of information such as 'news & science' and 'war & finance’. Some lectures concentrate specifically on the tools and technologies used by artists, designers and journalists; others explore different ways of reporting developed within these professions. 

Lecturers are invited to concentrate their presentations around one or two projects. A ‘making of’ approach (instead of a portfolio slideshow) offers the students valuable insights in the design process. Recurring subjects are: how to find and select data and information (research & analysis), how to translate these into a powerful form (concept & design), and how to make results public (back into the world where the information came from).

So far we have welcomed datajournalist Sybren Kooistra, visual artist Jonas Lund, photo journalists Arnold van Bruggen & Rob Hornstra, infographic designer Erik van Gameren, book designer Hans Gremmen, documentary maker Shuchen Tan, and design researchers Foundland (Lauren Alexander & Ghalia Elsrakbi), multimedia artist Geert Mul, publisher Astrid Vorstemans, graphic designer Remco van Bladel, graphic designer & researcher Henrik van Leeuwen, graphic designer and writer Louis Luthi, graphic designer David Bennewith, painter Ronald Ophuis and graphic design researcher Karel van der Waarde.

The q&a's after the lectures are sometimes extended — planned or unplanned — into individual or collective feedback sessions, giving the students the opportunity to discuss their own (thesis) projects.


Data journalist Sybren Kooistra
Sybren Kooistra (NL) worked as a data journalist for Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant and was a former campaign worker for Obama (2008 elections). Kooistra currently is campaign worker for political party Groen Links (2017 elections). He studied sociology, political science and social geography in Nijmegen and won multiple World Hackathons. 

Visual artist Jonas Lund
Jonas Lund (SE) creates paintings, sculpture, photography, websites and performances that incorporate data from his studies into trends and behavior in the art world. Lund earned an MA at Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam (2013) and a BFA at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam (2009) and has had solo and group exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Haarlem and Istanbul.

Journalist Arnold van Bruggen
Arnold van Bruggen (NL) studied History at the University of Amsterdam and worked for the Dutch Labour Party, the Foundation for Historical Study Travels and humanitarian organisation Mara. Since 2001 he writes articles for numerous newspapers and magazines, about diverse subjects such as Russia, Ukraine and Nicaragua. He also directs and edits films. His last documentary was The Russian War (2009). Between 2007 and 2014 Van Bruggen worked on The Sochi Project together with photographer Rob Hornstra.

Photo journalist Rob Hornstra
Rob Hornstra (NL) is a social documentary photographer who makes reportages during long journeys to Eastern Europe, Russia and Iceland. Projects include Communism & Cowgirls (2004), Roots of the Rúntur (2006), 101 Billionaires (2008), and An Atlas of War and Tourism in the Caucasus (2013), which delves into the complexities of the region around Sochi in Russia and its remarkable transition in preparation to host the 2014 Olympic Winter Games (Dutch Doc Photo Award, Dutch Design Award, Canon Prize for Innovative Photojournalism).

Infographic designer Erik van Gameren
Erik van Gameren (NL) is an infographic designer at Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad and teaches Media Innovation at Windesheim university. Van Gameren visualizations support articles on politics and culture. Self-initiated projects include Diaspora 6762, which documents the movement of the Assyrian people from the Nineveh Valley in Iraq who are fleeing the violence of the Islamic State.

Graphic designer Hans Gremmen
Hans Gremmen (NL) is a graphic designer specialized in photography books. He was nominated for the Rotterdam Design Prize 2011 for various photography books and projects, amongst which are Fake Flowers in Full Colour (2009) and The Mother Road (2011). Founder of Fw:Books, an independent publisher focusing on photography and related topics. Awarded Best Dutch Book Design multiple times, for example for Cette Montagne, C’est Moi (2012).

Documentary maker Shuchen Tan
Shuchen Tan (NL) works as a freelance journalist and edits and directs documentaries since 1994. Her contributions to VPRO’s public broadcast documentary series Tegenlicht (Backlight, since 2003) deal with diverse political subjects like big data, the financial crisis, the sharing economy, the Middle East and technology. Her recent Tegenlicht documentary Wise lessons from the Middle East (2016), directed with Marije Meerman, is about the consequences of 9-11 and the war in Iraq. Tan won the Golden Award of the Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival 2012 as well as the Prix Europa Media Festival 1st prize with Permission to Engage (2011).

Design researchers Foundland Collective
Foundland Collective is an art, design and research collective, initiated in 2009 by Lauren Alexander (ZAR) and Ghalia Elsrakbi (SYR), who both studied Design (MA) at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. Their collaboration was born out of a common desire to analyse, translate, visualize, contextualize and intervene on an artistic and intellectual level with urgent, complex social and political systems that exist around us, specifically from their position as non-Western citizens living between the Middle East and Europe and resulted in a nomination for the prestigious Prix de Rome 2016 and many exhibitions around the world.

Multimedia artist Geert Mul
Geert Mul (NL) is a media artist who explores the possibilities of generating visual poetry by re-combining images from collections and databases in multi-media installations and performances, for example the award winning project Alternative News (2015). Mul performed and exhibited his works in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Kyoto, Madrid, New Delhi, Valencia, Chicago and Turin. In 2010 Geert Mul received the Dutch Witteveen+Bos Art & Technology Award for his oeuvre.

Publisher Astrid Vorstemans
Astrid Vorstemans (NL) is an art historian who founded Valiz, a young publishing firm that was established to respond to developments in contemporary art, photography, architecture and design in a broad-based and imaginative way. Valiz produces critical, reflective, attractive books that are conceived in close collaboration with artists, architects, photographers, designers and art institutes. 

Graphic designer Remco van Bladel
Remco van Bladel (NL) is a graphic designer and co-founder of art book publisher Onomatopee and WdW Review, an online platform of Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam. His projects include editorial book design, publishing projects, curatorial projects, institutional identities, interactive applications and websites, resulting for example in this year's identity and publication of the exhibition 'to be all ways to be' by herman de vries at the Dutch pavilion on the 56th Venice Biennale. Van Bladel teaches typography and graphic design at ArtEZ — Art and Design, Arnhem.


Graphic designer & researcher Henrik van Leeuwen
Henrik van Leeuwen (NL) is an artist, designer, researcher and developer and is mainly active in the realm of politics and economics of digital infrastructure. Autonomous Network Architecture, developed with his brother in the context of art and technology exhibition Hacking Habitat, is an autonomous open source communication network avoiding wifi connection, inspired by a network set up by Egyptian activists during the Arabic Spring when Mubarak controlled all communication channels. Other projects include The Treasure Bands (2015), and ANA – The Discussions (2016).

Graphic designer and writer Louis Lühti
Louis Lühti is designer and writer of award-winning artist books and exhibition catalogues. He is interested in the transition space between image and text which results in work that often explores the overlap between graphic design and writing. Publications include: On the Self-Reflexive Page (2010), Infant A (2012), and A Die with 26 Faces (undated). His writings appeared in Dot Dot Dot, The Serving Library and F.R. David. Luthi teaches at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Graphic designer David Bennewith
David Bennewith (NZ) is a graphic designer who operates under the name Colophon. Bennewith has worked for De Appel Amsterdam, Casco Utrecht, Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam, as well as visual artist Simon Denny, for whom Bennewith designed the identity, exhibition and catalogue of Denny's project Secret Power that represented New Zealand at the 56th Venice Art Biennial. Bennewith is head of the graphic design department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

Painter Ronald Ophuis
Ronald Ophuis (NL) is a painter whose work deals with war, crime and extreme violence. Ophuis acts as a battlefield reporter, traveling to (former) conflict zones to interview, photograph and explore. The collected material and impressions function as input for the creation of (often big size) paintings in his Amsterdam studio. Ophuis graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 1993 and had numerous group and solo exhibitions worldwide.

Graphic design researcher Karel van der Waarde
Karel van der Waarde (NL) studied in Eindhoven, Leicester, and Reading. He currently combines teaching (Basel School of Design), research (visual argumentation; reflective practitioners), and his commercial practice (testing medical information, since 1993).