Vittoria Salabelle


In today’s rainfall of digital data, Information Design is often seen as a way to make sense of virtual information. By Hand* is an aesthetic and material response to this abundance of intangible data surrounding us.

Adopting the approach of the taxonomist, I study and analyze the hands of women and men in two issues of Vogue Italia, extracting them from their original context and treating them as precious specimens in need to be preserved and displayed.

The editing of the information results in the interest of what these hands are touching, as to symbolize and remark the importance of physical experience in our digital culture. The action of cutting and extracting out the hands from the magazine is a metaphor, the technique of décollage is used to reflect on the manual labour and empathic experience we lose with digitization.

The decision to work with Vogue magazine - a material object in which the tactile experience accompanies the visual one -  is to frame fashion as a reference to haute couture, a context in which the progress of technology hasn't affected the high value given to the handmade.

The issue of the magazine from 1985 is a symbolic reference to a key year in the Digital Revolution. The DTP (technology allowing individuals to self-publish printed matter through the use of a software that generates page layouts on a personal computer) market exploded in 1985 when Apple launched the first laser printer available for mass production.

The hands are displayed in order of appearance from the magazine and labeled from the number of their belonging page, the index below refers to what each hand is touching.

Catalogs are part of the project as to demonstrate how the same information can be visualized by different criteria, in this case by two categories: by color and by what these hands are touching.

Graduation project, 2015