Xiaofeng Dai

The credibility of the press in China is diminishing because it is increasingly controlled and censored. The government and news media also have an interest in steering public opinion. However, readers are free to react on the news, lots of valuable comments are posted in which readers oppose the biased, utilitarian news production. These reactions can disclose facts that would normally not be published and open up discussion or form new data.

The People’s Daily is a “news platform” that tracks published civic live-feeds on the most currently populated and debated articles before they might be censored or controlled, and thus, “detouring” censorship. It makes a statement about the current practices in Chinese journalism, a counter-brainwash against the ideological convergence and news propaganda. The comments as news source, are presented in the format of newspaper and news site, in a simple black-and-white environment, so contrary to the usual “black-on-white”. The site takes a neutral stance with no editing. The popularity of the topic featured in the feeds deHines the hierarchy of presentation changing over time. People who comment are reporters, commentators and researchers of the platform.
The project is concerned about information democracy, and creates an ethical approach to respond to the politically manipulated and uneven spreading of information and opinion.