Yaolan Luo

Amnesia State provides a nihilistic perspective on the clash between individual creativity and information governance on the Internet. Digital forgetting acts as a subtle strategy to explore the subject of temporality and human existence.

The project deals with the behaviours of the individual and the official bodies in an information environment that is constantly monitored and censored by the authorities. The protection of a national ideology legitimizes over-control of the mass media, and draws upon support by a massive force of technology and people.

Amnesia is treated as a metaphorical rendering of the delicate symbiosis between state and individual on the Internet, a habitat where a sophisticated system instantaneously filters reality, while creative enthusiasts keep spreading their dissenting views to facilitate socio-political changes. 

The flowering of information technology has opened up a new social laboratory. Although the surveillance infrastructures spread anxiety and fear, a creative alliance is building up a civic wall – shifting energies from high-profile individuals to greater crowds of citizens who are less conspicuous. This is a significant step in the democratic process. 

Amnesia State is not only a satirical comment on the context of censorship. It aims at sharing genuine concerns about the default of digital remembering and global mass surveillance. Can this design metaphor help us to evade the strict warning lines and reach as many audiences as possible? Can creativity lead us to think differently about civic freedom and freedom of expression in the digital era?

Graduation project, 2015